Juvenile Law – Child Welfare

Juvenile Law and Chile Welfare Problems

The biggest difference between the adult system and the juvenile system is the purpose.  The adult system is often there to punish criminal acts, while the juvenile system attempts instead to catch delinquent acts early and to provide services designed to help the juvenile to become a productive member of society once they reach adulthood.  For this reason the approaches of the court, the District Attorneys, and the probation officers (usually referred to as Juvenile Court Counselors) will be very different from adult court.  In some cases it may be possible to negotiate with the prosecution to make the entire case go away if the juvenile completes certain requirements; call today to see if this is an option for you.

Child Welfare – Grandparent Rights 

Grandparents sometimes want to get involved with child abuse cases in order to protect the children. Children are often not placed with family despite Oregon law.  Grandparents are frequently left out of the process once Oregon DHS comes in and removes a child due to allegations of abuse.  In this instance it is necessary to hire an attorney to intervene as an official party to the case.  Call today to discuss what rights you may have as a grandparent to a child in a DHS child welfare case.

Child Welfare – Dependency

Dependency encompasses abuse and neglect cases, abandonment cases, or any other cases in which the Oregon Department of Human Services feels it necessary to become involved with a family.  Receiving a call or visit from Oregon DHS can be the scariest moment of a parent’s life, and it’s important to protect your rights as a parent from the beginning.  We have years of experience in protecting parent’s rights from Oregon DHS. Click here to read a guide written by Morgan, on what to do if Oregon DHS knocks on your door and then call today to discuss how we can help.

 Child Welfare – Termination of Parental Rights

Sometimes child welfare cases don’t go well and Oregon DHS eventually files a petition for termination of parental rights (TPR).  TPR cases have been described by the courts as the “family law equivalent of the death penalty” since it is permanent and severe.  The fact that Oregon DHS files a termination of parental rights petition against a parent does not mean that the parent must submit.  Termination of parental rights is extremely serious and legal representation is absolutely necessary to protect your rights.  The termination cuts the legal ties between a child and parent, so that the parent no longer has any legal rights to the child whatsoever.  Call us today to discuss your case and to make sure that your rights are protected.

Child Welfare – Delinquency

Delinquency involves acts committed by minors that would be crimes if the person committing the act were an adult.  There is some overlap in adult criminal law and delinquency law, but there are also many differences.  Many members of the public mistakenly believe that any juvenile issues get wiped clean when the person reaches adulthood, but this is false.  The outcome of a juvenile delinquency case can have a lifetime effect on the child.

It is important to have someone working for a minor who knows those differences.  Call us today if your minor child is arrested.